Polka dots and Gold French Tip Nails

August 25th, 2016 | Nail Art | 0 Comment

Hi guys! As I grow older when it comes to nails I realize how much I´m into simple but cute stuff. I paint my nails pretty neutral, I either use black, white, beige or something that won´t get me tired of looking at them 1 hour after I have done my nails. Today I´m sharing this cute, easy, effective, elegant and a bit classy manicure with you. Materials, how-to´s and tips come in this short but sweet YouTube video. Happy painting and don´t forget to ...


DIY Moons and Stars Sprinkles Cupcakes

August 20th, 2016 | decorated cupcakes, Desserts | 0 Comment

Hi guys! Today I´m sharing this short but sweet post on something I really enjoy: stars and moons. I like the real ones and printed ones as well. This time we will be making them edible, using royal icing. Small, easy to make, effective and cute, don´t you think? Materials, recipes, how-to´s and a trick or two come in this video below. Enjoy and happy ...


DIY Kawaii Watermelon Phone Case

August 18th, 2016 | D.I.Y., phone cases | 0 Comment

Hi guys! My name is Renee and I´m a watermelon-holic, is there such thing? If not, Im making it one. I am obsessed watermelon both how they taste and how cute they look. This summer has been no exception and I´ve been eating watermelon quit a lot and because of that I thought I would gibe it a go and decorate my phone case watermelon. Materials, how-to´s and tips in this easy YouTube video. If you like, share this and subscribe, so happy ...