Tuesday, October 28, 2014

My Disneyland Trip!

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 Disneyland, oh, Disneyland…how I love you!

Hi guys! I just came back from a family trip couple days ago, and one of the things we did is visited Disneyland California. I don´t get to travel that often, but when I do, I like to take memories with me in photo and now video form. And because I knew I wanted to have a video of my trip, I did grab my video camera more than my regular camera. I think it´s quite cool to be able to actually hear everything that happens.

This is just Disney through my perspective. I went with my sister, my 4 nieces, the nanny, and a friend of one of my nieces. I was "in charge" of two of my nieces and the friend, I couldn´t record every single thing I saw or every step I took, because Disney was so crowded and we only had a few hours to enjoy a lot of the attractions. So I just grabbed small pieces and bits from here and there. Hope you enjoy it.

Now, this is not a vlog, you don´t see me or hear me talk, as I´ve seen that trend on YouTube. This one is me filming little pieces of things that got my attention. I wanted to capture Disneyland on it´s glory with all of it´s millions of visitors. Plus, most of the times I am more of an observant rather than a talkative person.

There is something about Disney, though. I always have the time of my life! Have you been there or to any of the other Disneyland's of the world? Did you like it? Or like me, still love it like you did ever since the first time you visited?

DIY Halloween Phone Case

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Helloween everyone! Ever since I posted this DIY Piano Iphone Case I have received among YouTube a lot of positive feedback, and it has become a quite popular video, if not the most popular one on my channel. I came to the conclusion people like that kinda thing. So every time I have a cool Phone case to show, I definitely will. Since it´s almost Halloween and I love everything about Halloween, I wanted to share this one as well.

Supplies and materials are mentioned in the how-to video below, but just in case you missed something I will write it down for ya:
-Iphone case.
-Ghost image from Online.
- Black, white and orange acrylic paint.
- A thin brush. However is going to be easier to use a brush per color, so I would highly suggest you to use at least 2.
- Satin finish or sealer.

Happy halloween everyone!

Halloween Cookies: 2 fast and easy ideas!

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Helloween! Just kidding. Halloween is literally just around the corner, and I couldn´t be more excited about that. Next to Christmas, Halloween is probably my favorite time of the year. Last year I made these Halloween cupcakes, and for this year I planned on doing a lot more, but sometimes other things get in the way, and just end up having just one chance, so this is it for this year. I love it though, its pretty simple, great for anyone, you don´t need anything special other than the standard supplies for decorating cookies. 

Materials, and recipes are mentioned in this following how-to video:

I really hope you enjoy then, and have a very spooky but save Halloween!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

M&M hugging Bear Cookies

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Cellphone Photo

Hello and happy weekend! Today I wanted to share this recreation of this idea I recently saw online. 
The idea I got inspired from has teddy bears with slightly different faces, different shapes and they are holding almonds and peanuts. Mine are a bit different. I choose my sugar cookies and M&M´s, because I wanted something a bit more colorful this time.

They as you previously saw, I made some teddy bears with no faces, then I made some with faces, but kind of standard faces, and then I made some with some lashes, or at least that´s the impression I was going for. Those are the sassy ones!

What I used to make them:
-       Sugar cookies dough recipe here
-       Rolling pin with spacer bands here.
-       Teddy bear cookie cutter. Mine if from Wilton, it came in a set and I bought at a local store.
-       M&Ms. Of course you can add the candy of your choice. Since the holding item is kind of the point of this idea you can always add the candy according to the season. I´m thinking since Halloween is just around the corners you can switch those M&Ms to some candy corns if you like. 
-       Spatula. (Optional)
-       Brown gel food coloring. I used Ameri-Color brand. 
-       Almond extract. Mine is from Wilton. 
-       Toothpick.

*Note. As you will be able to see in the below how-to video, I painted the faces, if you prefer, you can add the faces with royal icing as well.  Happy baking & enjoy!

Monday, September 29, 2014

DIY Cow Floral Home Décor

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A house is not a home without some home décor, don´t you think? And a meal is not a meal without a good wine. I´m just kidding on this last one. But I do enjoy a good one. I realized I have plenty or bottles of wine clean and ready for me to make something interesting with them. This Bottle of wine revamp love started when I decided to turn this bottle of wine into a little fishbowl type floral home décor, without the fish, of course. It is like the park for the fishy. 

Today, I am all about the cows. I actually wanted something cute for the kitchen to doll it up a bit. It needs more like a whole reconstruction, but step by step. I have always liked how cow-decorations look on kitchens; in fact I have a somewhat big  “painting” type thing in there already. I say it like that, because I actually painted that one. So, to continue with the family cow, I decided to go for these two. One is white and the other is black. They contrast and complement each other harmoniously, like family. Every time I go to the kitchen the “sisters cow” are the first thing that pops. Because I placed them together, you know so they can chat.. Ok, enough for the ramble and craziness. Let´s get crafty.

Materials and how-to:
-       2 clean and empty bottles of wine. They don´t have to be exclusively wine just bottle big enough, with a cute shape to them.
-       Black and white acrylic paint.
-       Brushes.
-       Satin finish top coat.
-       Fake flower. Is optional if you want to use fake or natural flowers, I like fresh natural ones but fake ones last a lot longer with me =P.
-       Cutters and pliers.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

How-to 2 in 1 Pomegranate Box of Chocolate | Desserts for the Weekend

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Hi everyone, today I wanted to share another dessert, this time, using pomegranate and dark chocolate.  My obsession with dark chocolate and something else started years ago, the first time I tried a dark chocolate covered strawberry. Then years and years later I saw this idea online, of strawberry “shots”, next thing I know I was in the kitchen trying to re-create the idea, adding my own twist to it: this is the result. Then I made this Strawberry and Dark chocolate square threats, not only are they easy on the eye, they are also delicious: here is the result.

And now, this is what I came up with. The tittle mentions Box of chocolate, this is not an exact re-creation of a legit Box of Chocolate concept, this is just and idea on how you can make it homemade. We have chocolate (what more can I say), perfect bite-size treats, and with that drizzle on top they will look oh-so-cute. For them you just need: Chocolate (dark, semi sweet, white, milk…up to you), a pomegranate, and a few tools you will find throughout the video. Let´s get started:

Monday, September 22, 2014

Chevron nail art | Using Stamping System

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Hello Internet friends! I use to have this thing called Monday Mani where every Monday I would post anything nails related, but I have been switching recently to every other Monday, and those Mondays in between I have been doing some DIYs. Today is a Monday for something nail art related, and I wanted to share this design.

This design reminds me to a hotel in Vegas, Luxor Hotel. I think is just the colors I used and the pattern itself. Or maybe is something else. Speaking of those colors, I love the combination of a teal, a white and a black, with some gold in the mix. In everything, home décor items, clothing, what have you, I find it lovely.

Nail polishes and materials I used are mentions in the step-by-step video. Happy nail painting!