Monday, September 15, 2014

Jewelry Organizer Refashion

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Hi! Well, some of my jewelry had been homeless for a while. Mostly earrings, because I still haven´t found anything I like to display them.  Until now, I think. Going back to the past, just a few months, I went to a graduation party where they had these bases as centerpieces with some floral arrangements on them. They gave me 1 (a.k.a. I took them, but it´s ok because they were going to end up in the garbage anyways). I had it just sitting there with zero clue of what to do with it, until I saw this:

The idea is perfect; I believe they used acrylic paint with some other stuff. This inspired me to re-create it, with my own twist on it and the materials I had.

So, this is what I used and step-by-step on how I did it:

And this is how I ended up storing my earrings. Following a chocolate box´s logic I taped in a few mini cupcake wrappers, so my earrings wouldn´t move around and is more convenient in general:

Friday, September 12, 2014

Cupcake Stand DIY

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Hello. After being sick for a few days, I wanted to “come back” with this little something I made a few weeks ago.

This is not a dessert (duh!) but is something that could help you for a bit of presentation. As mentioned in my how-to video below, I went for the standard color and design because from there I can build up with fun cupcake wrappers and bows around the stand.  You can go many directions from here, from leaving it “plain” and simple like so, to actually making a bunch of the, playing with different sizes, heights, etc, and you could have a fun table full of contrasting and different cupcakes stands. You can paint them solid vibrant contrasting colors and then have random cupcake stands with designs here and there like polka dots, flowers, chevron patterns, etc. Creativity is your only limit and they can become a new canvas.  However, if you are doing that (going for the colorful, fun version of it), my personal opinion is, leave wrappers one solid color and maybe just add some white buttercream on a swirl, or something very simple but cute. That way, the focal point will be to the cupcake stands, and it won´t look like a crazy table where everything is competing with each other or like a hot mess. Unless you are going for that.

Is up to you, my dear Internet friend. I am just here sharing one way you can do the basic stuff, so, let´s stop the rambling, and start the fun! Happy crafting – then baking!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Mint flowers nail art using stamping system (Konad & Bundle monster)

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Happy Monday Mani, it has been a while since I posted a nail art in here. The thing is that I´m switching now. One Monday is dedicated to a DIY project and the next one will be about nail art. Today is nail art change.

But today I am doing something a bit different. I am using a stamping system. I discovered this pretty cool concept a few years ago. Then stopped using them, and the other day I was re-organizing my nail polish “collection” and I saw the whole kit, and made me ask my self: “why did I ever stop using them?” So, I cleaned the whole set and gave it a go.

For anyone who has no clue what I am referring to, here it is. A stamping nail art system, is simply choosing images (that come on plates), and then stamping those images on your nails. Here and here you will find more information about it. All I can say, is they are pretty cool. Cons:  It´s a bit of a messy process, somewhat of a waist, and you have to work with very pigmented polishes. But even so, I like it. And once in a while it´s totally cool to use them, I think!

So, with all that said, I came up with this design. I used just a base coat, my mint-ish base color, a gold nail polish, and my matte topcoat. Find our what exactly did I use and how I do this design here. Happy stamping!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Easy & Fast Pomegranate Snack | Desserts for the Weekend

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Happy weekend everyone! Today I wanted to share one of my all time favorite and one of my childhood memories actually: Pomegranate.

We use to have this dessert, and up until today, when I go to my parent’s house and they make it, it makes me so happy. It makes me remember when I was younger, and everything was ok because I was home, and I didn´t have to worry about anything, really. You know, when you get that pampering feeling of “I´m home now, everything is fine”. It brings me back to that. 

I also wanted to share this one, because is extremely easy to make and tastes good. The most difficult part is opening that pomegranate, that´s how easy this is.
Perfect for back to school or work. You can make a couple pomegranates the night before, in Tupperware (refrigerated), take it out the next day and you are good to go.  Perfect snack.

So, let me show you how easy it is. Happy snacking!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Organization décor DIY

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Hello. Last week we went shopping for some décor supplies (not for my place, sadly, but for a restaurant) and I found this really cute box.  Is like a kind of cardboard material. Its got a good size and it comes with drawers that come out. I love those. The only thing I didn’t like but thought I´d do something with it is the cardboard showing thru. Later on that day we went to another store (kind of Michael´s) and found this really cute paper with the perfect pattern and color for it.

So, just in case you own one of those, and you don´t like it but it´s still pretty functional, then you might find this helpful.

Happy crafting!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Peanut butter + grape snacks | Desserts for the weekend

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(un-edited photos, just fixed contrast and brightness)

Happy weekend everyone! Lately, I´ve been really into snacks. More specific, snacks with peanut butter. It´s all because previous of this, I had never ever tried peanut butter before (I know…where have I been, I was totally missing out). So, since it´s so good and so addicting I have been looking for other food to eat with it (I wanted to try something other than just eating it with a spoon).

I previously made some:
Banana + apple peanut butter snacks here.
Cute peanut butter + apple sandwiches here
And now, a combination I would say is my favorite so far: peanut butter + green grapes.

Out of all the combos I´ve tried, with bananas is a bit too sweet for me, with apples is yummy as well, but then I got over it, and I love grapes. They have the perfect snack size, and you can grab as many or as little as you want without the commitment of having to finish the whole fruit, something you just want half of whatever fruit you are eating. You will love these ones if you like grapes, of course!

I was playing with my food before eating it, of course, and I made a few “designs”.  I never knew you could make designs with grapes as if they were cake pops!

Anyway, hope you enjoy and happy snacking!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Back to School Easy Snack: Apple + Peanut Butter | Desserts for the Weekend

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Hi friends! Last weekend I posted this snacks, and today I am sharing more because for some reason I have been snacking a lot. Sometimes you just don´t have the time to bake, but you still gotta have something sweet. 

These are a lot of fun to make, because of the shape you cut in the middle part of the apple. I think kids (and grown-up kids, like myself) will love making these ones to eating them later. I dont have children of my own but I can totally visualize my nieces having so much fun making them.

I got inspired from this image, I couldn´t find my heart cookie cutter, but I found some others instead. (I lost the source of this idea, but I found it on the internet)

We will just need:
-       Apple
-       Small cookie cutters
-       Knife
-       Peanut butter. The peanut butter is my obsession at the moment but you can sandwich your apples with anything else that you like. Nutella maybe?

These are so much fun to make, adorable and yummy. So let´s start the fun!