Saturday, April 25, 2015

Easy Jello Desserts: 3 in 1 (Pinterest Inspired)

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Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share this 3 in 1 desserts. I saw the original idea a while back on Pinterest, here. I think the idea is so unique and original, and perfect because of how easy it is to make, well, at least my version. I guess I am not the only one who loved the idea because every time I see more and more people sharing the same idea. And then, that idea got me inspired to make the rest. The original idea works with somewhat different ingredients than I did, mainly because I was running out of strawberries, but also because I didn´t want to copy-paste the idea,  so instead of running out the door and buy my strawberries, I figured why not working with what I have. 
The result was yummy!

You only need some Jell-O and Whip Cream really, the rest is just for garnish, but in the following tutorial I will let you know what else you need and I will guide you through the process:

Thursday, April 23, 2015

DIY Duck Cellphone Case

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DIY Duck Phone Case

Hi everyone! Ok, so I´ve become obsessed with phone cases since I made this one. There is something really cool and entertaining about coming up with the idea of a design, and painting those designs. Is like a canvas, but you can take it wherever you go.

Keeping up with that I wanted to give this idea a try, which I think looks pretty cute, it´s ridiculously easy but sooooo effective., you only need:

-       Phone case. Old one, new one, up to you!
-       White acrylic paint.
-       Blue acrylic paint
-       Sharpie
-       Black acrylic paint.
-       2 thing brushes
-       1 regular brush, keeping it in the small side.
-       Satin finish in spray form.

Here is an easy step-by-step tutorial, happy painting and crafting. Let me know what you think of this design:


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Watermelon Nails

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Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share this really simple, easy to paint and over all cute design that is perfect for spring and summer. Simple background and vibrant colors, let´s start the fun!

Materials and how to comes in this easy to follow tutorial. Enjoy, and let me know if you liked the design:


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Chocolate Half-Covered Apple

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Hi everyone! I couldn´t go to bed before posting things one. I am a chocolate freak, if you´ve been reading my blog, you might know, but if you are new here...I am, hence this snack idea!

I´ve seen chocolate covered apples and I love them, but I wanted to add kind of my own twist to it. This apple is cut into slices, making the whole grabbing thing a little bit easier, well a lot, because sometimes you just want to have one tiny piece instead of the whole apple.

Tools and Ingredients:
- 1 apple
- 1/2 c. chocolate. I prefer to temper mine, and I use Chocolate Chip, by Hershey´s.
- 1 tbsp nuts. Chopped.

I made it easy for you and me, and I made a step-by-step tutorial. Happy snacking, and let me know if you like this idea!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

DIY Jewelry Dish using Polymer Clay

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Hi everyone! Today I am sharing this idea of an item that comes on handy when you have a situation similar to mine. Every time I would go and take a shower, I would always take off my jewelry or accessories before taking a shower and then place them next to my shower. It was getting kind of frustrating because I didn´t have a “proper” place to place them while they were there and before I put them back on where I usually store them...First World Problems. I know, but is always the small things, and if there is something that could simplify and make like just a tad bit easier, I´ll take it. Plus, I was starting to loose all my item because …well, you need to watch the video below, where I explain myself a bit more (comes with a bit of “acting”)

As far as materials I used:
polymer clay
mason jar lid
parchment paper
mint green paint
cooper paint – Florentine Gold by Liquid leaf
makeup sponge
epoxic glue
x acto knife
satin finish
round plastic cookie cutter

Original idea and tips on the cooper paint here

Here comes the tutorial, with tips and tricks. Hopefully you find it helpful, and let me know if you have a situation similar to mine. Happy crafting!

Friday, April 10, 2015

DIY Apple Hack: Keep Apples from Browning

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Hi everyone! Today I wanted to share this pretty cool tip I learned from Pinterest, the original post is here. I love apples, but sometimes it´s frustrating how fast they go brown and this tips comes on handy particularly when you are working with chocolate covered apples, or desserts where your topping will be a slice or apple...or your simply want your apple to be prettier, longer.

The photo above shows how the apple looks after 15 minutes once done this tip right here, and flavor wise, nothing changes, the apple still tastes the same:

Have you tried this method and how do you like it? Let me know!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


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Please excuse my wrinkle-y looking hands, I promise they are all moisturized. Just wanted to show a close-up.

Hi everyone! I got some exciting news / something cool and different. She said yes! Not me, but one of my friends is getting married. I got pretty excited too, and because she know I am into crafts and polymer clay jewelry making she asked me to do a different bridal shower favors/souvenir for all her friends to celebrate the moment, me included. So, instead of the “Soon to be Mrs. (name)” t-shirts, she wanted to do something else.

Although these may not be as “personal”, because there is no last name or name written anywhere, this is just an idea with two different takes that can be totally customizable.

For these, we will use:
-       Polymer clay. I prefer to use white for faux pearls. I use Sculpey 3.
-       Ring.
-       Gold paint. I stick to nail polish when doing polymer clay accessories. The color I am using is Winner takes it all by Maybelline.
-       Pearl color. I use Well-cultured Pearl by Finger Paints.
-       Epoxy glue.
-       Clear Rhinestones.
-       Wire.
-       Plier.
-       Foam board.
-       Tweezers or DIY Rhinestone picker comes on handy.

-       As far as for finishes go, I did one coat on the pearl with my topcoat, using my beloved Sally Hansen´s Nail Hardener.
-       As to the rest of the ring, I ended up applying one coat of Sally Hansen´s Matte Top Coat.
-       Medicine cap.

Here is how to do it, it´s pretty simple. Let me know which idea do you like the most? Also, are you a pearl or a diamond kind of person?