DIY Sugar Cubes/Other Shapes Recipe

July 9th, 2017 | Desserts, recipes | 0 Comment

Hi guys! I love coffee and I drink it everyday, once, twice or when I need that extra help I´ll drink a third one. I like my coffee with brown sugar, I think it tastes better and I like to think it’s a little bit better for me than standard sugar. To add it to my coffee I recently started doing this figures out of sugar, that way I just add one, mix mix mix and I get a certain amount of sweet to my coffee, no more no less than how I think tastes better. Its ...


Caramel Chocolate Frosting Recipe

January 12th, 2017 | decorated cupcakes, Desserts, recipes | 0 Comment

Hi guys! During the Holidays I got to visit my sister and her family and so one day my sister and niece decided to make some cupcakes with this special and yummy frosting. I asked if I could record everything with my phone (I had no camera 3wit me) they were ok with that, so that´s what this is about, my little niece was in charge of making the frosting, and I was in charge of making the cupcakes (store-bought, vanilla cupcakes), and I chopped some ...


All-Bran Muffins|Nutritious Treats

February 27th, 2016 | Desserts, recipes | 0 Comment

Hi everyone! I planned on posting this a while ago, as in beginning of this year (its now end of February), because I thought it might help people who where planning on starting a diet have a sweet treat, but I totally forgot about it. Then I remember about this post but I wasn´t sure If the timing was appropriate, but I figured it´s never to late to share stuff and it doesn´t have to be right after New Years to start a healthy-ish diet or have a healthier ...