Chocolate Pretzel Sandwich for Father´s Day

June 11th, 2016 | + desserts, Desserts, Uncategorized | 0 Comment

Hi guys! That includes salty stuff. I use to be skeptical about mixing sweet and salty stuff, but turns out they work and complement each others flavor in a really yummy and addictive way. This is what happens with chocolate and pretzels. I´ve done chocolate covered pretzels in the past (here here), but my obsession doesn´t seem to stop there. Today we are making pretzel chocolate sandwiches. Double yum. They taste amazing, something about the whole sweet, ...


Mother´s Day Chocolate Magic

April 26th, 2016 | + desserts, Desserts | 0 Comment

Hi guys! I love The Pioneer Woman, and of course I follow her on Instagram (got one? follow me there!). So few weeks ago she posted this pretty cool idea/trick/mini clip, I believe she was drinking hot chocolate, thought I am drinking coffee but of course I thought the idea was pretty cool and I wanted to give it a try. The title of this post says Mother´s Day because I think it would be a nice touch to add to moms´s coffee on her day but of course can be ...


Easy Super Bowl Berries Skewers

February 3rd, 2016 | + desserts, Desserts | 0 Comment

Hi everyone! The Super Bowl is almost here and I wanted to share a quick and easy snack idea. This is a fun project to make with kids, family, friends or anyone, even as a family activity before the game starts.   INGREDIENTS & TOOLS: ½ cup varied berries. I used strawberries and blackberries 3 tablespoons of dark chocolate 1 tablespoon white chocolate BBQ sticks Ziploc bag Knife and scissors With all these ingredients I made 5 ...