DIY Doggie Paws Clay Jewelry Dish

April 28th, 2017 | D.I.Y., home décor | 0 Comment

Hi guys! A month ago I went to Anthropologie and I saw this Pet Dish set, I thought it was pretty cute, especially the doggie one, and so that inspired me to go home and make my dish, different design, just inspired by them. Materials: Air-dry clay. Roller Template and scissors X-acto knife Sharpie Yellow, white and black acrylic paint and brush Spray gloss ...


DIY Copper Roses Floral Home Décor

March 2nd, 2017 | D.I.Y., home décor | 0 Comment

Hi guys! I´m on YouTube all the time, literally, so few month back I was watching one of my favorite beauty guru´s Fleur de Force, she´s British and lovely. Anyway, I was watching this video; it´s a room tour (yes, I am very nosy, but those inspire me). She shows one part of her room and she had this gorgeous floral vase thingy. Of course, I screenshot it right away and since then I wanted to make my own version of hers, so this is what I came up with. I hope ...


DIY Shabby Chick Necklace Organizer

February 4th, 2017 | D.I.Y., home décor | 0 Comment

Hi guys! This post is different from the others I have on this blog. Let´s rewind for a quick second, basically, a zillion years ago prior to this blog I had another one. In there, instead of posting videos (like I do here) I would post step-by-step photos of desserts, DIYs, crafts and everything else. I stopped uploading on that one because I wasn’t feeling the name and the concept of it and back then, according to me, I was done with blogging and posting, ...