DIY Rainbow Stickers Phone Case

May 19th, 2017 | D.I.Y., phone cases | 0 Comment

Hi guys! To be honest I had planned a very different phone case idea for today´s post, a marble phone case, using marble contact paper, I tried different designs but the idea didn´t work out, which left me with a bunch of contact paper, scissors and other stuff over the desk. I took a break, came back then I thought of painting little rainbows on that marbles contact, then I remember I had white contact paper, grabbed it, grabbed my acrylic paints and a ...


DIY Long Lace Skit Short Refashion

May 9th, 2017 | clothes, D.I.Y. | 0 Comment

Hi guys! Today I´m sharing this really easy and pretty much effortless skit refashion, perfect for lazy people like myself who own a lace long skirt or dress an wants to do something with it to use it more often, it looks a lot more casual and less formal by doing all this whish means I´ll be using more often. Disclaimer: I don´t own a sewing machine because I am not a pro and I prefer to work with fabric glue (again, laziness overload) so the end ...


DIY Doggie Paws Clay Jewelry Dish

April 28th, 2017 | D.I.Y., home décor | 0 Comment

Hi guys! A month ago I went to Anthropologie and I saw this Pet Dish set, I thought it was pretty cute, especially the doggie one, and so that inspired me to go home and make my dish, different design, just inspired by them. Materials: Air-dry clay. Roller Template and scissors X-acto knife Sharpie Yellow, white and black acrylic paint and brush Spray gloss ...