Royal Icing Easter Eggs Cupcakes

Hi guys! I´ve been really into decorating my cupcakes more on the simple side lately, by that I mean I add frosting on top of my cupcakes (sometimes I just use spoon and I get this result, and some other times I´d use my Wilton “d or 1M and pipe some frosting on top), then I´ll just adding royal icing decorations and some sprinkles if needed. It´s becoming kind of my thing and I´m loving it because that way I can just make a bunch of decorations and at the end just pick my favorite ones.

So today I wanted to share these really cute and actually really easy to make Easter eggs, chicks included and, I´m showing you how to make them. Have fun you guys, happy decorating and happy Easter!


  • Wax or parchment paper
  • Royal icing, recipe here
  • Tipless Piping bags, here are the ones I used
  • Gel food colors: yellow, purple, blue, green, pink, orange and black.
  • Scribe Tool, DIY here
  • Paper + pencil or pen + scissors
  • Cupcake recipe, here is my fave homemade one.
  • Cream Cheese frosting recipe here
  • Baking Cups by Wilton, review here.
  • Wilton´s tips 2D and 1M

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