Butter London Nail Polish Review

Hi guys! Butter London, uh? I´ve seen this brand for a while now, in stores and YouTubers and bloggers recommend and use it all the time from what I see, so its nothing new, but I wanted to try it out and see if its worth it for people who live on a budget like me, as a reference I only buy nail polishes from the drugstore and my favorite brand is Sally Hansen, just so you know what kind of budgets work for me. So, this is way up for my regular needs. But I still wanted to check it out, because that´s how I roll, haha. The name of the brand and the shape of the bottle are what called my attention the most. What didn´t call my attention is the price, but for that same reason I wanted to try it even more.

So, Is the product itself worth it or is it just another expensive, pretty packaged product? Find out.

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