Pinterest Hack Test: Perfect French Tip Mani using Band Aids

Hi guys! So anything Pinterest and hacks I´m on board, so few month ago I saw this idea where they used good ol´ band aids as a guide to create the perfect French tip, the line looked salon perfect but at home, so I wanted to try it out. However my nails are always short, impossible to make something like a French tip on them, so I bought myself a box of press on nails (by Kiss, Love!) and I decided to go for this hack with those nails on. The nails I´m using already have a French tip on them, so they don´t need anything else, but still wanted to try this out!

When it comest to nails, I´m on the practical side, I like them pretty but basic, so I won´t spent ages on them, I need something fast and easy. If you are like, let´s find if this works for us. Leave your comments and Subscribe!

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