DIY Mickey Mouse Home Décor

Hi guys! I´m a Disneyland/Mickey Mouse lover and I´ve done a bunch of Mickey and Minnie Mouse related stuff on this blog, from decorated empty bottles of wine, to baking, to polymer clay accessories and a phone case DIY (check them out if you are interested!).  You can probably tell by now I love Disney, and I think design wise Mickey Mouse is pretty cool and simple. For today´s idea I got Inspired from Pinterest (I think…probably…most likely…99.9% sure), they used a different technique and used it for something else, but the idea is pretty much the same, to have Mickey Mouse anywhere, everywhere! I just hope you like it as much as I do!


For mine, materials used, how-to and tips come in this easy to follow YouTube video, I hope you like it, give it thumbs up and don´t forget to subscribe to both this blog and my YT Channel and share it!

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