DIY Mini Oreo Cookie Cakes

Hi guys! How does a mini cake sound right now? What if told you its make out of Oreo cookies, and there is no baking involved? Even better, uh! Today I´m being a total copycat of this cute idea I saw on My Cupcakes Addiction´s Instagram (here is mine) a while back. The idea is not mine at all but I thought of giving this a try and sharing my way of doing this and while I´m at it, I´d share some tips I learned along the way if you want to give this to someone special for a mini special occasion that doesn´t necessarily required a full on cake. (Although a cake is always a good idea, right?). Anyways, these couldn’t be cuter and easier to make!

Materials and all steps come in this easy to follow step-by-step YouTube video. Don´t forget to give me thumbs up, subscribe, share and enjoy!

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